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Facility :
Life Science Imaging - ISdV
Université de Grenoble-Alpes
Microscopy facilities :
Microscopie Photonique et Microscopie IAB
Imagerie Cellulaire - GIN
Imagerie cellulaire et tissulaire - TIMC
Microscopie pour la biophysique - LiPhy
Microscopie électronique de la cellule - GIN
Microscopie électronique structurale et cellulaire - IBS


ISdV is a fereration of technological facilities and research laboratories of Grenoble that are dedicated to imaging in microscopies. Most of them benefit to a major national label such as IBiSA.

The aim is to provide a structuration and facilitate exchanges between partners for pedagogy, technology and common scientific objectives. As such it aims to harmonize the activity and services provided by the facilities and create sinergies to apply to national funding programs.